Shmoe Recording Services

Music Projects 

$50 /hr

Music Projects

For artists that are ready to record their next EP, album, or single, Shmoe has professional audio engineers and producers that are here to help your project stand out from the crowd. Unlike many studios, we offer a flat rate of $50/hr that includes recording, engineering, producing, pitch correction, etc. We also have professionally trained vocalists available to add beautiful and precise backing vocals to your track remotely if you are unable to be in the studio. 

Radio / Film / TV

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Radio / Television / Film

This is a great place to come record advertisements with top-notch audio for radio, TV, and film. We specialize in voice over sessions and also create/record custom songs that can be exclusive to your company. These songs come at a fraction of the price compared to other non-exclusive music services you may find online. Shmoe will also take your previously recorded audio to mix and master.

  *Prices may vary per project.

Passion Projects

$50 /hr

Passion Projects

Recordings for weddings, newborns, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays; we have done it all! Let us help you write a song, record you singing a meaningful song for a special someone, etc. These recordings make wonderful gifts. Have some other ideas? Let's do it!



"Not only is Matt an incredible songwriter, most importantly he is a great collaborator. He is always able to bring a style that compliments the vision of my short films and commercials."

- Spenser Sakurai (Cinematographer and filmmaker)

“I have utilized Shmoe Recording Services for several music editing projects for dance.  Matt has been so easy to work with, even across the country, I can communicate what I need done, and he gets it right every time.  He creates smooth, seamless edits, has creative ideas, and is a pleasure to work with.”

- Sandi S. (Choreographer)

"The Shmoe studio was very impressive... Matt was very professional and took his time guiding me through the recording process. The equipment used along with Matt’s expertise produced a spectacular radio commercial recording. I highly recommend Shmoe Creative's recording services for all your recording needs."

- Daniel G.

"I would highly recommend the Shmoe Creative team. Matt's production style is extremely supportive.  His vast knowledge of production, keen ability at creating hooks, and skills as a multi-instrumentalist are at your fingertips but it is your artistic vision that he aims to execute. When he produced my album I felt extremely comfortable which allowed me to take risks creatively but I also knew that he would give me honest, constructive feedback that would keep my sonic landscape clean and uncluttered.    

Sephra is a world class musician and if I could I would feature her on every album. She has the skill to thrive in any musical environment. Her voice is velvet and her ear is razor sharp.  

If you want to take your project to the next level, the Shmoe Creative team has the tools to make it happen."

- A Movable West (Artist)